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Learn Reiki from Linda J. Hicks at
Sitting overlooking the valley is how you will feel after a Reiki Session at Reiki 4 Health,
Receiving Reiki and having a totally relaxing experience.  A good way to start your day!


I would like to say thank you to those I have treated and taught. I am honored that you put your trust in my abilities as a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner.  I am also grateful to the teachers in my life who have guided me as I make my journey to spirituality, peace, love and contentment. 










“Of all the students I have trained and worked with over the years, Linda is by far the most dedicated and conscientious of them all. When I speak of Linda to other Masters, or use her as an example in my classes, I always refer to her as my “Reiki Cheerleader” because that is exactly what she has become. Linda is a Master that since day one of her training, has devoted her life to Reiki, and has put a great deal of time and effort into becoming not only a great healer but an effective and knowledgeable teacher as well. Linda has gone beyond the academics of Reiki and has developed a deep spiritual understanding of Reiki that many students (and even some Masters) seem to miss. Linda incorporates Reiki in every aspect of her daily life. Linda doesn’t just practice Reiki, Linda IS Reiki. I am both honored and proud to call her my student.” –

Tony G., ICRT Usui, Tibetan, Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher 

Fountain Valley, CA

"I'm totally impressed by your healing Linda.  The feeling during Reiki was an enjoyable experience, very bright colours and could feel you in my body, had much vibration and warmth with pulses through my legs, pelvis and upper body.  I developed a relaxed happy smile.  Thank you so much.  When I woke up I was fresher, brighter, lighter, kinder and stronger and then your report arrived.  Real interesting and intriguing and comprehensive...brilliant insight!

Thank you,"

Tim G.,

New Zealand




"When I think about what I would like to say in a review regarding Linda Hicks , the words

come easily to mind. Competent, Kind, Professional, Caring, Job Knowledgeable are some of

the words that I would use to describe the experience but it goes deeper than that. Going to

see Linda is special, her naturalness and her ability to be in touch the mind, spirit and body

gives one the feeling like first time you smelled the ocean or the first time you walked around 

a high Sierra lake. Linda has a quiet confidence that fills the room. I have stage 4 Cancer and

have been seeing Linda for Reiki sessions for the past few months. I have found these 

treatments to be a tremendous help in my battle with Cancer and I look forward to them weekly."

Jamie L.

Torrance, CA



"Yesterday was my first time of having any sort of energy cleansing done. Linda performed a combo of reiki and shamanism on me which was fantastic. So fantastic that my body completely relaxed where I feel asleep! I've never been that relaxed before, not even while getting a massage. I definitely felt the energy while she was doing it since I did wake up almost towards the end. It's hard to put words to what I felt but I definitely felt them. Afterwards I felt relaxed, rested, at ease with my thoughts, and uplifted. Linda then explained what she came across and explained the significance of it. If needed again, I'll be going back to Linda!"

Sylvie, R.

Santa Ana, CA

"I was fortunate to find Linda for Reiki Level 1 training. Linda's class was well organized and easy to understand.  After this training I am able to channel Reiki energy to help my wife with some health issues.  I Highly recommend Linda for Reiki training.  

I look forward to taking additional training classes from her in the future."

Ron M.

Azusa, CA


"For the last 25 years, I have been practicing

as a CMT. I had heard of Reiki,but had not a clue what it was.

I was introduced to Reiki by Linda Hicks about 3 months ago. I have 

fallen in love with what the results have done for my body. I have never

felt as great, after a session, without massage therapy." 

Ed W.

Westminster, CA



"The first time I met Linda, I knew she was to be my Reiki practitioner, teacher and friend.  We just connected immediately!  I was searching for a teacher.  I crossed paths with some wonderful people, but none of them "clicked" like Linda.  I recently completed my Reiki Level I with Linda.  It was absolutely amazing!  I had high expectations, and they were wildly exceeded!  Linda is highly intuitive, incredibly sweet and just a neat lady!!  She is my friend.


I will be moving on to my Level II soon and am so excited to work with Linda again.


Thank you Linda!"

Tom S.

Covina, CA




“What a wonderful and relaxing experience I had.  Your Reiki room is so peaceful and really sets the mood for a soothing and healing treatment.  I could feel an improvement right away.  I highly recommend Linda and can't wait to return for another treatment.”

 Kicki H., Reiki Master Teacher 

Westminster, CA




"Hi Linda


What a funtabulous class today! Thank you so much for sharing

yourself and your passion for Reiki with us. Your preparation,

presentations, and special gifts and "touches" (ha ha) created a

wonderful learning environment.


And how amazing Stela, Kiki and Ron are. You certainly draw wonderful

people. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and am so very grateful to

know all of you.


Looking forward to more Reiki adventures with you....woo hoo!


in Joy,


Seal Beach, CA



"My name is Jackie and I was taught Reiki I and II on a 28 day cruise through the South Pacific.  Here's my testimonial of my experiences with Linda:


I met Linda on the Statendam on the 25th of Nov. 2012.  The ship gives some free public speaker time to people who would like to share what they know in a workshop setting.  This one morning it was Linda introducing Reiki.  I went because I had heard a little about Reiki and I had researched a little about it before I left for the ship and had written myself a note to 'learn more about Reiki' when I get back home again in March.  I felt it might be a way to pull together all the things I had been teaching myself about spirituality and it could be the vehicle for me to teach from. 


Linda was amazing, I was drawn to her right away, an instant connection!  She was handing out pieces of paper for a raffle and I took one, but thought I probably wouldn't enter as I am a wife of an officer and travel so much I don't feel I should get anything else for free!  But, then I thought well this is a private thing not a Holland America freebie so I entered.  Then when her husband announced he would pull the winner from his hat I thought to myself that if I win the free session I would take the class from Linda and become a Reiki Master!  I won!!  So, we talked after the class and we set up a time for my session and I told her I would like her to teach me level 1 and 2.  So over the course of the next few days we did my sessions, which was a very powerful feeling to begin with and we started the training.  We shared so much in common and spent so much time talking about our lives it took us a little longer to get through the lessons!  We did though and I passed the level 2 and I vow to continue when I am back home. 


As a special treat, Linda took me to Mrs. Takata's shrine while we were in Hilo, Hawaii.  


Linda will always be a special new friend as well as the mentor and teacher and she will do well in bringing Reiki to the world as she is a very empathetic and compassionate person.  I highly recommend learning Reiki from Linda as she is very knowledgeable and her thoroughness in her style of teaching is commendable. 


Your new friend,

Jackie K." 

Ontario, Canada



"Hi Linda - Blessings from Colborne -

I am so excited and amazed at the power of Reiki - Having been sick with Bronchitis while away on holidays and then the universe stepped in and brought you and your amazing healing hands to me.  After several treatments I was feeling much improved but it was time to get home and I wondered how I would feel after another five hour flight in air conditioning.  Because you had given me the attunement I was able to keep treating myself and have made a full recovery in much less time and without having to go on antibiotics.  I have seen great improvements in my STRESS level as well - much, much lower !!!!  I know Reiki is going to continue to help me live my best, healthiest possible life.

There will never be a way that I can thank you enough for bringing Reiki into my life !!

Wishing you much success and well-being.




Colborne, Canada  



"To Linda Hicks:

         Thanks for the REIKI treatment.It was very relaxing and I felt it was very beneficial for my problem.I came away feeling like something GOOD was happening,I definitely will/would do it again in the future.

                                thank you very much.....Mario S." 

                                                                       Huntington Beach, CA



"Linda- I want to thank you- mahalo nui loa- for the powerful introduction to Reiki, as well as for your patience and gentle teachings. You are a wonderful Reiki Master and friend, and you are the perfect mentor and teacher for this all-encompassing and spiritually-refreshing teaching and practice. Reiki totally supports what I believe in, and is an incredibly enriching life experience that offers meaningful benefits for everyone.


P.S.  It is a tremendous honor for me to have been your very first official student!

Monica R."

San Bernardino, CA


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