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Shamanic Drumming to release blockages from the body, at Reiki 4 Health,
Dreamtime during your Shamanic Session at Reiki 4 Health,
Go on a journey to find your Power animal at Reiki 4 Health,
Peace Pipe offering from Native American, Reiki 4 Health,



I am downsizing my Reiki and Shamanic practice.  My husband and I are blessed in our Golden years and have decided to travel the World.  With my Anthropology degree, it gives me opportunities to visit cultures and share in their spirituality.  Since I will be travelling, I will be able to send you Shamanic Distant Extraction no matter where I am in the World.

I will add my Shamanic Services page back to my web site when I am in town and able to give in-person healing sessions.  So check back periodically to see if I am in town.

I feel that the Distant Sessions are very powerful, because there is no distraction involved with our mutual energies and emotions that can get in the way of a healing session.  Also, if a client brings spirits with them to the in-person session, it will reduce the amount of energy given.  Spirits don't appear for each client, but I have had that experience several times.

If you should have questions, please send me an email at


30 Minute Shamanic Distant Extraction - $40.00

During a distant ceremony, I will perform a Shamanic Extraction that will release and remove displaced energies that are sometimes called intrusions. Afterward, you will have a sense of peace and calm. Clients say that they feel lighter. After the session, I email you of what I saw and cleared from your Chakra's and any impressions that I received during the treatment.  You can pay with cash or check.  Send me an email if you are interested in a Distant Session, and we can set up a date and time.



​**If you cannot afford a Shamanic Treatment and you are truly committed to change, I will work with you on the price. These Shamanic Treatments will help you, but you will also need to make a commitment to hold a positive space during the treatment and to allow the divine guidance from Spirit to work with you.





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